New (well, relatively new) Light Sheet on our SML Microscope

We put a light-sheet on our SML Microscope.
which improves the SNR of our self-interference holography images. SIDH of a 40nm bead with epi illumination (left) and light-sheet illumination (right)

Adaptive Optics (AO)

ao_neptuneWe are interested in applying Adaptive Optics to problems in fluorescence microscopy. AO is a technology used to correct for aberrations in optical waves that are created when light travels through a medium with a varying refractive index. In astronomy AO is needed to correct for aberrations that arise from minute refractive index variations in the atmosphere that blur the images of stars and planets as the light travels through the atmosphere to a ground-based telescope. An example of AO in astronomy is shown to the right. Images of Neptune from the Keck telescope are shown without and with AO.

QSTORM: Quantum dot STochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy

qd_stormWe are working with the group of Jessica Winter at Ohio State University (Jessica’s webpage) to develop ways of using quantum dots for superresolution microscopy. Jessica’s group has been working to develop photoswitchable quantum dots for use in microscopy. At right is a demonstration of STORM imaging of microtubules using two different size Quantum Dots.